Clays & Clobber are an innovational graphic design duo who share a common creative passion for TV, film, music, art & fashion. Together we have established an online platform from which we can share our inner most expressive thoughts with the world. This eccentric collection of concepts and ideas manifests in the form of creative clothing and apparel, inspired by popular culture and entertainment.

The collection of designs produced by Clays and Clobber are influenced by our own interests and life experiences. From concept to courier they are created with a knowledgeable passion and attention to detail, spawning designs which possess a unique identity, intertwining contemporary style and artistic interpretation with a subtle reference to their inspirational origins.

Pioneered within a small studio based in North East England, our collection aims to harness the influence of iconic moments, locations and characters from across the world of arts, film & entertainment, producing fun concepts which fellow enthusiasts can relate to. Our ambition is to create designs that provoke emotions and reignite memories, celebrating a collective love for cool & creative clothing & apparel.

We share an enthusiastic love for producing our work & enjoy experiencing the impact and influence it has upon the lives of other like-minded fans. Albert Einstein once said that "creativity is contagious", so pass it on! (and we’re not gonna argue with Alby). So remember to post your feedback, videos & images to our various social media platforms, communicating your creative energy with the rest of the world.